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_genic song previews + full updated tracklist

01 Photogenic (0:00 in video)
02 Time Has Come (1:00 in video)
03 Golden Touch (1:57 in video)
04 Birthday (3:11 in video)
05 It (4:10 in video)
06 Scream (4:56 in video)
07 Fashionista (6:02 in video)
08 Fly (7:18 in video)
09 B Who I Want 2 B feat. U hum sneak it (8:22 in video)
10 Stranger (9:12 in video)
11 Every Woman (10:32 in video)
12 Space Invader (11:20 in video)
13 Anything (11:58 in video)
14 What I Did For Love (David Guetta feat. Namie Amuro) (13:41 in video)

01 Golden Touch
02 Birthday
03 Fashionista
04 Stranger
05 Anything

source: AmuroNamiech

What I Did For Love is a cover of this song.
{yamada to kase-san;yui}

12th original album, _genic, 2015.06.10

does anyone even view this comm anymore? lol.

L to R: CD only, CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray

[tracklists and packaging photos]tracklist (no order, there will be 13 songs)

  • Anything

  • Birthday

  • Every Woman

  • Fashionista

  • Fly

  • Golden Touch

  • It

  • Photogenic

  • Scream

  • Space Invader

  • Stranger

  • Time Has Come

  • TBA

​DVD/Blu-ray tracklist

  • Anything (Music Video)

  • Birthday (Music Video)

  • Fashionista (Music Video)

  • Golden Touch (Music Video)

  • Stranger (Music Video)

special website

album is produced by both japanese and foreign writers. album is described as a mix of 80s dance beats and 90s r&b grooves.



Namie Amuro - Tsuki (Japan Press) NEW SEALED 12€


Shipping costs:
Worldwide 5€
Germany 3€

Condition: New Sealed
Shipping: From Germany to Worldwide via registered mail
Payment: Papal

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FEEL Tour Setlist/Outfit previews + Namie's New Endorsment

We need to revive this comm, yo!


FEEL Tour Setlist
01. Alive
02. Hands On Me
03. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!
04. Hot Girls
06. Poison
07. Rainbow
08. Go Round
09. Make it happen
10. La La La
11. Let Me Let You Go
12. Wonder Woman
13. Damage
14. Higher
15. In The Spotlight (TOKYO)
17. Love Story
18. Supernatural Love
19. Big Boys Cry
20. Stardust In My Eyes
22. Let's Go
23. Heaven

24. Fight Together
25. Can You Feel This Love?
26. Contrail

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Namie is also endorsing a clothing line called UNTITLED. Here's a promo shot
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The campaign also includes two CMs, which will air in October.

BBC video preview

Here's a TV clip featuring a little bit of the PV + making of:

Kind of a different direction for her, no?

EDIT: Here's a much better quality preview!

Also apparently the Filmography thing is false. This is why you don't believe everything on the internet, kiddies (thanks frequency for correcting me!)