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Namie Amuro; everyone's favorite mutant
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Namie Amuro fanatics unite!
"I think it will be good if I'll keep on going spontaneously, being myself. I really love doing lives. Releasing an album and doing the lives... That's the real happiness for me."

the superstar;
The moment Namie was born, I thought she looked like my mother; that is, her grandmother, but as she grew I started to think: she doesn't look like any of us. At our place we all call Namie a 'mutation'. - Emiko Taira, 'Yakosoku'

Why exactly would Namie be called a mutation? Is it the fact that she's such an obstinate beauty? Is it because she can work those legs in ways that elicits a "Holy shit, HOW does she do that?", or maybe it's the way that she's managed to establish herself as an RnB singer, enduring fads and controversies to remain as one of Japan's most prolific musical artists.

Welcome to the sexy community for Namie Amuro, the queen of hip-pop/j-pop/your ♥. Here, you can share your fandom for this amazing woman, whether it be by uploading albums and songs, posting the latest bit of news or gossip, making fan art, or making video dedications. Any form is media is fine as long as it expresses your love for her (even if it ranges to the downright bizarre!).

So you'd like to be an affilliate. Come on over here and we'll add you to the list. (Keep in mind that we have a right to refuse!)
Prerequisite for being an affiliate:
The community must have something to do with Namie, or j-musicians, or music in general. I'm sure you can figure out what an appropriate community would be. Graphic communities are also acceptable, as long as there are a lot of Namie graphics to be found.

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Namie Amuro

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[x] You obviously have to have a burning love for Namie Amuro.
[x] Don't try to start wars of Namie vs. *insert another j-pop artist here* It's annoying, and no one gives a shit...
[x] Out of respect for Namie, please do not request pictures of her family. A quick google search can give you what you need.
[x] We all love Namie here, so there's no reason that we should be getting into petty arguments over which one of her songs or videos are better than the other because, hello? It's NAMIE and that's the only thing that should matter.
[x] To tag an entry accordingly, check out the tags list.
[x] In the case of downloads, they're members only. Please lock your downloads.
[x] Community advertising is allowed, but it has to be Namie-related and strongly so.
[x] If you've got some hawt Namie pronz for us or any other type of explicit content, make sure to put a warning.
[x] Please use lj cuts for icon posts and large images. That way the community will look organized and easy to navigate. If the post is stretching the layout, then that's a sign.
[x] Have fun with this!
[x] And lastly, JOIN

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Amuro.

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